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We are proud to offer automotive sound control products by Cascade Audio Engineering. You will notice that we don't offer any other brand of sound deadening products. Why? The answer is because the VBLOK line of products that Cascade Audio Engineering provides are quite simply the very best available in the automotive industry, hands down, there is no competition at this level.

Cascade Audio Engineering has been developing and manufacturing high performance, lightweight products for almost two decades. They have been recognized by many in a wide variety of industries as a leader in material design and application.

If you should happen to have any questions, and we hope you do, please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you may have regarding the installation or application of the VBLOK automotive noise control products.

We look forward to speaking with you about your project!

How do I get started?

Follow these links to help get you going in the right direction. Your problem is...

1. Road Noise = Road noise is made up of tire, exhaust, airflow and mechanical noise.
Click here to eliminate road noise...

2. Structural Resonance = Structural resonance is vibration.
Click here to eliminate vibration...

3. Squeaks, Rattles and Buzz = This can be the most irritating noise problem of them all!
Click here to eliminate squeaks, rattles and buzzes...

4. Thermal control = Treat the roof, floor pan and firewall to keep comfortable.
Click here to keep cool...

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