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Acoustical Blankets

SS-AB acoustical blankets are a cost effective product used to both absorb and block unwanted sound energy. These thick blankets are designed to absorb sound energy as well as block sound energy when installed tight to a wall, ceiling or flooring surface.

These cost effective blankets feature...

1) Sound absorption and blocking characteristics
2) NRC rating of 0.7
3) Lightweight & Durable allow for easy installation for one person
4) Black absorbent color ideal for studio, sound and video environment
5) Material can be recycled back into textiles, making them environmentally friendly
6) Fast, easy installation with no damage to surface
7) Hanging loops will not be seen from front view
8) Portable, multifunction design

9) Machine washable and tumble dry

Typical installation applications include...

Music practice rooms
Vocal booths
Video editing rooms

Commerical or industrial spaces
Home theater
Any area where temporary noise control is required

Acoustical blankets are easy to install!

Loops will allow for 1.25" diameter support rod.

Supporting rod is hidden from view.

Product specifications:

Dimensions: 72" H x 80" W x 0.5" D
Weight: 7 lbs.
Colors: Black / Black Trim
Loops: 6 @ 16" O.C.
Hanging: Rod / No greater than 1.25" outside diameter
NRC: 0.7

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