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Isolation Materials Offer Complete Control

Among the components for professional sound control are isolation materials. These products can be used by themselves or augmented with vinyl barrier for the most control. Zeronoise provides sub floor isolation materials and wall isolation materials. Our resilient channel systems have been enhanced with an additional decoupler to isolate the clip from the stud. Contact us to discuss your project. Zeronoise can provide options to fit the desired sound blocking or the desired budget.


Enhanced Resilient Channel from Zero Noise offers high STC and IIC. Using resilient channel alone will achieve STC 55. When used with Mass Loaded Vinyl, STC increases to 67. Hat channel is generally available locally. Zero Noise can provide the hat channel if unavailable in your area. Resilient Channel is approved for UL classification in 139 Resistive Design Assemblies – Up to 4 hour fire endurance tests.

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Stud Isolators decouple drywall from the stud, increasing sound control. economical and easy to install, Stud Isolators can be used alone, or with Mass Loaded Vinyl or Resilient Channel for enhanced STC.

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Waffle Isolation Tab is used underneath heavier objects that need to be isolated from their environment. Furnaces, HVAC Units, and Hot Tubs are among the uses for this high tech isolation system. Contact a specialist at Zero Noise to determine the proper amount of material required and the specified durometer of the pad.

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True soundproof doors start at $5000. Installing Zero Noise's mechanical door seal system offers 90% of the performance of a soundproof door at a fraction of the cost. Available in 32” and 36” widths, standard and professional versions.

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The underside of the door is where the largest gap is present. The remaining 3 sides of the door need to have the adjustable jamb seal installed for full control. The Jamb Seal is specified for a standard 3’ x 7’ door. Using door frame gaskets from Zero Noise further minimizes the air gaps, resulting in total sound control.

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There is always an air gap at the inside seams of doors. Installing door gaskets from Zero Noise fills the gap with sound control material. Economical and easy to install, Door Gaskets are the final step in soundproofing doors.

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SB-ISOTAPE Rubber Isolation Tape

SB-ISOTAPE is a cost effective product designed to decouple the sheetrock panels from wood or steel studs.

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