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Sound that transmits from floor to floor can be almost impossible to eliminate after the problem has presented itself. This is why we recommend that the correct sound control material is installed before the finish flooring material is installed.

Rubberized sound control materials will eliminate heel impact noise as well as block airborne sound by up to 70 decibels.

Please feel free to contact us if you need any help in choosing the correct material for your application.


Econotile is the perfect material to control heel-toe impact noise from floor to floor. Constructed of open cell rubber bonded to a cellulose/fiberglass backing scrim, EconoTile is the perfect entry level solution to floor to floor sound transmission. IIC: 57 For sound control and impact noise control, see the IsoTile or IsoTile Max pages.

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IsoTile is the standard in acoustic flooring materials. Installable in new and retrofit applications, IsoTile is very effective at impact noise control and soundproofing. Perfect under hardwood, ceramic and carpet. 25 year warranty. 23-3/4” x 23-3/4” @ 5/16” STC to 70 – IIC to 62

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IsoTile Max is the ultimate in subfloor soundproofing. With STC-70 and IIC-64, it is the highest performing subfloor tile available. Made from recycled rubber, IsoTile Max will not degrade over time. Size: 4’ x 6’ @ ½”

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Decoupled Floor barrier is the easiest way to introduce sound control to floors. What Econotile does for low cost impact absorption, Decoupled Floor Barrier does for low cost sound control. Available in 4.5’ x 20’ rolls. STC 28.

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